Graveyard Search Revealed (GSR)

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We decided that we wanted to explore the reactions we would have in different situations and after some research we were particularly interested in going to a place that was believed to be haunted and monitoring our reactions when we were frightened.

We looked at various local places and discovered that Borley rectory was believed to be the most haunted place in England and was only about half an hour away. We found out that the rectory was no longer there and new houses had been built on the site. We would be going after college so decided to head to the churchyard, as there have been reported sightings of paranormal activity there.

We thought of various ways of recording our reactions. As we were going to film our visit, we decided that there would already be sound on the film so it would be wasteful to use sound measurement, light monitoring would not be relevant as this would not measure our reactions therefore we decided to use a galvanic skin sensor, this would be connected to the Arduino board and would trigger LED lights to come on according to the intensity of our emotions.

We began by constructing our Arduino board using the code we had learned for the LED lights and the light sensor, we had to work out how many lights we would need to make it work most effectively, also we needed to decide whether to use one Galvanic skin sensor or more. We made the decision to use one for now as we intend to take the project further after our initial experiment.

We found that the board didn’t light up as much as we had hoped, although it was clear that one of our team was feeling more scared than the others although a couple of us were anxious as we felt that we shouldn’t be there. We think that the coldness of our fingers may not have helped to show how scared we were. It may also have been better if there had been the opportunity to visit the site in daylight so we could have prepared our route, as it was pitch black with no light at all which was difficult to find our way round. Although the fear of the unknown may have worked to our advantage.

By Lisa W, Sam H & Tamsin B


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