A Journey with EMF

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Project Description

This project will map the invisible landscape around an electrical appliance for ElectroMagnetic Field using light to register what cannot be seen. What we are really interested in is being able to make visible the invisible environments from our everyday lives, from lamps to kettles to mobile phones, and being able to clearly demonstrate these invisible fields using photography.

We want to explore the distance that the ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) emits by using the EMF censor powered by Arduino Hardware coded to light up 4 different coloured LEDs that each represent the strength of the EMF that can be registered around an appliance to give the reality of what fields are in our surroundings that we are not aware of.

We designed a purpose built probe, from tubing using long wires reaching from the LEDs to the base of the tube to the Arduino hardware. This allowed us to easily manoeuvre around an appliance. Using the dark room gave the space to easily move around an appliance. We mapped out 4 routes on the wall behind and below the appliance that will be unique to each appliance. Slowly using the purpose built probe to trace the route around the appliance following the mapped area, in four different journeys. Each journey will get closer to the appliance and therefore will light a different coloured LED to indicate the strength of the EMF. Using long exposure photography of 10 or 3.2 and 1 second exposure and 9 aperture (subject to change) per ‘journey’ this will give the information in one image, of the whole journey of one map route.

The photographs that record the EMF and the journeys are then translated into Stop Motion Films, short films or 1 image layered with the 4 different photographs which will show the EMF that can be registered around an appliance.

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